Top 10 Reasons for a Home Inspection

Top10Top 10 Reasons for a Home Inspection

  1. It provides an “Out”
    A qualified Home Inspector can reveal the critical information buyers need to be aware of, and helps the understand the associated costs, both now, and in the long term. If a buyer isn’t comfortable with the findings of a home inspection it allows them one last opportunity to back out of an offer, or at least modify the offer to reflect any issues uncovered during the inspection.
  2. Safety
    A home inspection can detect serious safety issues such as mold, structural damage etc. Major issues like these need to be considered  before you finalize your offer.
  3. Reveal Illegal Additions or Installations
    A Home inspection can reveal whether rooms, altered garages or basements were completed properly to code. If a house has illegal room additions that are un-permitted, it affects the insurance, taxes, usability and the overall value. Once you purchase a home, any of the outstanding issues due to additions and installations that were improperly done become your problem to fix or get solved. A qualified Home Inspection will help you avoid any surprises in this regard, or at least help you understand what the potential costs will be to correct the issues.
  4. Protection
    A qualified Home Inspector is even more critical when looking at an “as-is” foreclosure. Dwellings that have been unoccupied can sometimes develop hazardous health issues that are costly to deal with.
  5. Negotiating Tool
    the presence of any issues in the components of your new house represent an opportunity to confirm your offer, or modify it if necessary with any new information discovered.
  6. Forecast Future Costs
    A qualified home inspector can approximate the installation age of major systems in the house like plumbing, heating and cooling. They can diagnose the current condition of the structure and tell you how long finishes have been in the home. All components have a general “shelf-life”, and understanding when they might require replacement gives you a real vision of what your future costs may be.
  7. Determine “Deal Breakers”
    Home inspections can help buyers identify how much (if any) additional money they are willing and able to invest to take a property to a condition that is acceptable to them. Sometimes facing major issues like foundation or structural problems, or major plumbing or electrical upgrades will tell prospective buyers that they need to keep looking.
  8. Learn to Protect Your Investment
    A professional home inspection is a great learning opportunity about your new home. Qualified inspectors can suggest tips on how to maintain a home that could literally save you thousands of dollars over the long term.
  9. Reveal the Big Picture
    A home inspection separates the emotion (the “I found my dream home” moment) from the reality of the what is really between the four walls. Making the biggest purchase of your life without really understanding what you are getting into can turn that “dream” into an ongoing “nightmare”.
  10. Insurance
    Some insurance companies will not insure a home if certain conditions are found, or without the presence of certain certifications.


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