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HomeOwners inspection servicesWe started talking about it last year, and the momentum seems to be growing all over for reforms to finally come into place for the home inspection industry. A recent article in the Ingersoll Times article echoes what we (and many other industry experts) have been saying for quite some time, namely that the home inspection industry is overdue for some stricter regulation and oversight. If you are in the market for qualified home inspection to help solidify your position on making an offer on your next dream home, you want to be secure in the fact that the person evaluating the property has been trained and certified in home inspection.  As quoted from the Ingersoll Times article:

“It’s potentially a very scary reality for homeowners who are looking to base the biggest purchase of their life on what a so-called expert has to say. But to date home inspection is considered an unregulated industry; one in which anyone can call themselves certified. The industry is currently under investigation by the Ministry of Consumer Services, which may lead to mandatory qualifications for home inspectors.
The agency is currently reviewing recommendations from an expert panel comprised of home inspection associations, consumer advocates and the real estate industry, before making a decision.”

In the meantime, potential buyers are faced with relying on recommendations from the realtors, and the potential for dealing with someone who is uncertified and has no real accreditation in the industry. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that your home inspector has been trained and accredited through a recognized agency like the OAHI (Ontario association of Home Inspectors) This puts you at ease that your inspector has been trained with all the latest processes and information and is up to date on all code issues that need to be evaluated for your new property.
Qualified Home Inspection is all about making sure you have the right information to make the best decision.
At HomeOwnerns Inspection Services we are proud of our association with the OAHI and stand by their Standards of Practice that outline all the essential information that a prospective home owner needs to have.

Remember when it comes to buying a home, the best surprise, is no surprise.
We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your next home inspection.
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