Qualified and Accredited Home Inspection

Certified Home Inspectors TorontoA recent home inspection scam that was reported on in Hurricane West Virginia, once again highlights the importance of making sure that you are dealing with not only someone with experience, but that you are receiving a qualified and accredited home inspection. But what exactly does accredited mean?

Essentially a home inspector is accredited by studying and passing a series of rigorous exams to ensure that he is up to date and current in providing a clear inspection report to prospective buyers that takes into account all of the current building codes and statutes, and that they are regularly updating their knowledge and skill set. The only way to do this is through a “third party” or supervisory organization that determines the highest standards or “best practices” for the industry in a given province.

In Ontario, the leading governing body for accredited home inspection is the OAHI, which stands for the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors. For more information on the OAHI see this link: “What is the OAHI?”

As outlined in the West Virginia article we can see the dangers of someone who holds themselves up as a qualified inspector, but has never taken the time to obtain the proper accreditation. Your home may likely be the most expensive single financial purchase of your lifetime. If you are engaging the services of a home inspector (and you absolutely should!) you should be able to feel secure in your inspectors credentials.

You wouldn’t hire a real estate lawyer who hadn’t passed the bar to practice in your state or province, so why would you entrust the inspection of your prospective home to someone who was not similarly authorized and accredited. It just makes good financial sense to know everything you can about your home before you decide to make that offer and live with the consequences for years to come.

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