Inspect your home inspection

home inspectionJust as their are many homes on the market, some pristine and to die for, and some with more problems and issues than you can shake a stick at, so too are their many different types of inspection professionals available to provide you with a home inspection. And unfortunately for the unwary home buyer, not all home inspection is created equal. I love the following quote by Geoff Williams in a recent online article in the “Money” section of U.S. News and World Report:

“You aren’t required to hire a home inspector when you’re buying a house, but it’s a good idea. A really good idea. To think of it in cartoon terms, SpongeBob SquarePants may enjoy living inside a pineapple, but you really don’t want to live in a lemon.”

It kind of sums everything up doesn’t it? But less tongue in cheek are his actual recommendations, one of which is to beware the home inspection where the inspector wants to conduct the whole thing solo. We couldn’t agree more. What exactly is this person hiding, or are they going to race through the process with no oversight so they can rush to the next job? At Home Owners Inspection Services we literally insist that they prospective buyer accompany us on the the home inspection. It is too important an opportunity for the buyer to pass up. An opportunity to understand and learn about the house they intend to call home.

Another key warning sign is finding out that your inspector is not licensed (where applicable) or accredited by a recognized provincial agency. Here is Canada all home inspectors have the “option” of being accredited by a provincial association. I put the parentheses around the word option, because at Home Owners Inspection Services, we don’t view this as an option but an absolute necessity. We are proud of our accreditation with the OAHI and would not recommend you deal with anyone who has not taken the time and put in the effort to achieve such an accreditation themselves.

Bottom line, deal with someone licensed, someone experienced in your area, and someone you are comfortable with.

Home Owners Inspection Services wishes you happy house hunting and we’d love to hear from you if we can help make your dream home a reality.

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