Home Inspection equals peace of mind for Home Owners

home inspectionRegardless of whether you are looking for your first home, or whether you are moving up from your first starter, or maybe you are relocating to another city, one common factor in home buying is that it always involves a great deal of anxiety. Are you buying in the right neighbourhood? Are you buying the right house? If you find a place you like in a good neighbourhood, what’s going on behind the walls? Are you going to be into lots of unforeseen repairs down the road? All of these and thousands more questions float through the mind of prospective home buyers. Which is precisely why you should NEVER skip a home inspection.

The simple fact is that home inspection gives you the one thing you need to make the best home buying decision for you and your family, namely peace of mind. A great article by Jennifer Blyth in the BC Local News outlines just how important a home inspection is for reassuring prospective buyers and helping to point them in the right direction.

A trained, experienced home inspector examines a home’s “systems” – roof, building membrane, foundation, electrical and plumbing, for example – looking for problems or potential problems,…For things they can’t see, like the space behind drywall and plaster, the inspector relies on state-of-the-art tools that can detect issues such as moisture.

A home inspector may not be able to exactly tell you what every issue will cost to fix, but they can usually give you a pretty good ballpark of what’s in store in terms of money and time to deal with any issues they discover. This is not to say that you need to find a pristine home with zero problems (although you are entitled to look for that however unrealistic it might be) but at least with a qualified home inspection you have the peace of mind to take on those issues and challenges with all the information at your fingertips. Remember that an informed decision is a smart decision.

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