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technology & home inspectionHome Inspection, Changed by Technology

Like many things in our lives over the past 20 years, home inspection has been affected greatly by the influx of modern and inexpensive technology. Even something as simple as taking pictures of a property has moved from the film-develop-print on paper process that used to take at minimum a day or two, to the digital workflow of snap-upload-email, which can happen live while you are doing the home inspection itself!

An interesting article by Randy West in the Arizona Daily Courier made me think of all the ways that home inspection has changed over the years and all the little things we now take for granted (and would shudder to live without) that only recently were tools that were either too expensive, or not even considered in the profession. An excerpt from his article is right here:

“When I started inspecting homes, I used a four-copy carbonless “checklist” report. It had 12 pages and it took 20 minutes to check boxes and peel it apart and staple the four copies together. There were no photos or maintenance advice, but it was delivered on site and my clients were always impressed. Today, that would be the equivalent of arriving to the inspection in a Ford Model T pickup truck. When I moved last year, I found a box of old checklist reports from the early ’90s. I threw them away immediately, it would be too embarrassing if someone found them.”

The list of tools available now (although still new to many in the home inspection industry) include things you would have seen in a bond film only a few short years ago, devices to see inside of walls, inside of pipes, and even measure the quality of the air in a home. With the pace of technology change the work of a home inspector will likely be unrecognizable in 20 years based on what we have today.

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