Home Inspection, a useful tool for sellers as well as buyers.

checklistHome Inspection, What Realtors and Sellers Need to Know

When the subject of Home Inspection is discussed (and it is discussed more in the spring real estate rush than at any other point in the year!) it is almost exclusively from the perspective of the buyer and not the seller. There are some very good reasons why as a seller of a property you should consider getting an inspection done before a prospective buyer asks for one. A pre-listing inspection identifies items that will come up and could potentially complicate a deal. If a home ¬†inspection can identify issues that can easily be fixed, you can take care of them before the listing. If it is something more complicated or extensive, at least it won’t be a surprise to anyone during the offer phase of the entire process.

It’s important for a seller to disclose all relevant information to the home inspector, provide copies of permits for major renovations, and disclose if renovations occurred without proper permits.

toronto home inspection ladder1It is also important to make sure that you have enough time scheduled for a proper home inspection, the average inspection will take approximately 2 hours. Always make sure that pets are in a safe location, either away from the home (if possible) or placed outside or in a pet crate. Valuables and medications should also be in a safe place and out of sight. The seller of a home can certainly be present if they are hiring an inspector for a pre-listing inspection, but if the potential buyer is the one hiring the inspector and doing the walk through, it is not advisable for the seller to be there. Typically the sellers presence makes the buyers uncomfortable, as they do not want to insult someone in the course of having an open and critical discussion about any issues in the home.

If you are a buyer or a seller, please give us a call or email, we pride ourselves on responding quickly to potential clients and we can arrange and schedule a thorough inspection usually within a matter of days. HomeOwners Inspection Services is OAHI certified and fully insured.
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