Home Inspection Horror (Movie?)

home inspection horrorPerhaps this is a post that would be better left for halloween, but as summer is almost half over, that seems horror enough to count. Speaking of home inspection horrors, an article several months ago in the National Post serves as a great reminder of the need for a qualified home inspection.

The home inspection horror angle was arrived at since the article was really a movie review in the Post’s movie and entertainment section, and described a movie called the “Intruders”. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about it, it likely went straight to iTunes like so much of that genre these days.

ANYWAYS… the review by David Berry goes on to say: 
“If horror tends to be driven by our unconscious society-wide fears, then the Ontario-shot thriller The Intruders seems to be a reflection of the modern fear of buying a home without an inspection. In this market, what could be scarier than sinking a million into a lovely old Victorian only to learn its harbouring a horrible nightmare the old owners didn’t want to deal with?”

Now I know that this was a tongue in cheek write-up and not really a shout out to the value of a home inspection, but nevertheless it makes a great point, and it’s nice to see that even some of the things that previously had only been common terms to those of us in the business have become more accepted and well understood by the public. Another funny quote from the article states:
“There’s no knob and tube wiring in the house that Rose (Miranda Cosgrove) and her father move into — some things are too terrifying to even contemplate — but it’s harbouring plenty of other spooky secrets”

Before the advent of Home & Garden DIY tv shows and the publicity that they have garnered for the value of inspecting a property, who would have known about “knob & tube” aside from an electrician or home improvement professional.

Hopefully you will heed some of the advice offered by most real estate professionals and you will save your “home inspection horror” for those moments in a dark theatre with a big bucket of popcorn.

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