Why Hire a Professional Home Inspector?

homeowners inspection reportIt’s often been said that your home is likely the most expensive and important purchase you will ever make. But unlike other major purchases, there are no money back guarantees or return policies. That’s why it is critical to know as much about any potential problems before you commit to buy.

What Home Inspectors Do
A properly trained and certified home inspector will review your home as a system, looking to see how any one component of the house may affect the lifespan and livability of any other component of the home. A comprehensive visual inspection will assess the condition of the house and all of its systems. A professional home inspector will determine which components are not performing properly, as well as any items that are beyond their useful lifespan, or are unsafe. They will also identify any areas where repairs are needed or where there may have been issues in the past.
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Why is a Professional Home Inspection so important?
building_inspectorEmotion often affects buyers. When you fall in love with a property and are getting ready to make an offer, it is often difficult to imagine any problems with your new home. Having an qualified, unbiased perspective on your new home is critical in making sure you are presenting an offer that is realistic, and based on fact. An inspector may find very little in the way of problems, or they may find some major issues that could change your opinion on if this home is really the right one for you and your family. Either way, it is far better to go into the offer process informed and realistic.
Inspection is not intended to be a tool for re-negotiation, but at times it does become one. This is why having a reputable, qualified inspector is so important. You may have a relative or friend who is fairly knowledgable in one of the trades, or who may even be a contractor themselves. That doesn’t mean they are qualified as an inspector. You need a professional, unbiased review and report so that if problems are discovered they will not be easily minimized by the other parties because your uncle or friend did the inspection.

When Should My Inspection Take Place?
 Your home inspection should be scheduled at the same time you make your offer. Regardless of the time of year or how hot the real estate market may be, it’s ALWAYS wise to make any offer conditional on a home inspection. Waiving this important condition as a result of pressure from an overly anxious real estate agent or vendor can really lead to trouble if you find out your dream home has more than it’s share of costly (undiscovered) issues and now you can’t back out of the deal.
 The actual home inspection should take place after all negotiations have been finalized and the vendors have accepted your offer. Now is your opportunity to determine the finer details about what you are buying by engaging the services of a professionally certified Home Inspector.
It is highly recommended that you accompany the inspector during the inspection process. At HomeOwners Inspection Services, we encourage your participation in the process through questions and answers. Please remember that part of the inspection occurs outdoors – so dress accordingly. Also a home inspection is not the best time to show your new home to family and friends. We request that only those directly involved in the purchase attend the inspection process.

You should receive a written copy of your inspection report at the time of its completion.

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