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Home Inspection is Crucial for First Time Home Buyers

We have long been proponents of the value of a home inspection by a certified inspector, and for obvious reasons, we are in the business after all. However this goes double for first time home buyers. Chances are they are already over their heads with information and decisions, (or at least feel that way!) and they more than anyone else need the focus and experience that dealing with a certified inspector will bring to the table.

An article from the NWI time (Northwest Indiana) in the US title “Check It twice” is a good reminder of the necessity of a thorough inspection:

“Especially for older construction, building standards and construction materials have drastically changed. Plus, many properties on the market now have been vacant or in disrepair due to the foreclosure crisis and economic downturn. With those uncertain variables in play, it’s critical to hire a professional home inspector. “A home inspector in the early 1970s didn’t have to concern themselves with lead-based paint or asbestos – those materials had yet to be deemed unsafe,” says Reggie Marston, president of Residential Equity Management Home Inspections in Springfield, Virginia. “In the early 1980s, no one was concerned with radon gas or anti-tip brackets on stoves. In the early 1990s, mold was not on everyone’s high priority list, and composite building materials were just starting to be installed.” Those are just a handful of the problems that today’s home inspectors can detect. It’s also essential to check staples like the HVAC system, wiring, roof and foundation. In addition, home inspectors are uniquely qualified to catch hard-to-see problems like code violations.”

First Time Home Buyers are unlikely to see past the “dream home” or “dream neighbourhood” allure of their first home, and in a hot market, they can often get caught up in bidding wars or multiple bid situations that obscure the fact that once you get the home, it’s yours for years to come, along with all the undiscovered issues the home has in store for you. First Time Home Buyers need to be confidant that their first foray into home ownership will not be a decision they regret. The services of an experienced and certified home inspector are crucial for making sure that you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

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