Choosing the right home inspector

home inspectorYou’re looking for a home, and like most people your head is swimming with details and questions. How much will the mortgage be? Is the home in good shape? What issues will we be dealing with down the road? Likely you’ve narrowed the search down to several properties you want, or like many in this overheated market, you are contemplating putting in a bid or offer in a multiple bid situation. If you are considering NOT asking for a home inspection stop right there and consider how risky that is going to be for the short and long term of home ownership. (for more info on the risks of not getting an inspection see just about any of our pages or posts like this one.)

Let’s jump ahead and assume you recognize the value of a home inspection and now are at the point of deciding who to call. What exactly do you need to look for when considering hiring a home inspector?

First off you want someone with experience in the market you are dealing with. Although there are some universal skills and issues to be dealt with regardless of geography, it always helps to have someone who is familiar not only with the inspection process, but the market for homes that you are considering.

Secondly, they should be accredited, meaning they should be registered and licensed under a recognized association. Here in Ontario, the premier association is the OAHI. You can see our previous posts on just why such an accreditation is important in deciding on a home inspector

As summed up in a recent article in the Brampton Guardian:
“When considering a home inspector it is good to look at knowledge, training, certification, industry participation and licensing.”

Home Owners Inspection Services has been involved in the Toronto Real Estate market for close to 25 years, we’d be happy to speak with you to schedule an inspection on your dream home to be. See how you can put our experience to work for you.

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