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Qualified Home Inspection & Fixer-Uppers

In a hot real estate market, many people, especially first time home buyers will look to properties that have not been extensively updated to save money and hopefully find a lower entry point that they can handle. In a hot

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Home Inspection equals peace of mind for Home Owners

Regardless of whether you are looking for your first home, or whether you are moving up from your first starter, or maybe you are relocating to another city, one common factor in home buying is that it always involves a

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Electrical Systems and Home Inspection

One of the major systems in your potential home that a home inspector needs to concentrate on is the electrical systems. It can be one of the most expensive systems to deal with if in fact it needs to be

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Qualified Home Inspector

When you finally decide to take that leap and put an offer on that dream home you have been searching for, you are one of the smart ones who has also realized that your offer should include a requirement of

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Inspect your home inspection

Just as their are many homes on the market, some pristine and to die for, and some with more problems and issues than you can shake a stick at, so too are their many different types of inspection professionals available

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Finding a Great Home Inspector

If you have crossed the psychological threshold of accepting the fact that, yes, with perhaps the biggest impending purchase of your life looming you really should get professional help and opinions, then the next question will likely be: “how do

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Home inspection for sellers

Generally, when we discuss the topic of home inspections we usually focus on it from the perspective of the home buyer. We talk about the importance of getting an experienced home inspector, and one who is licensed and accredited. More

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Top 5 Home Ownership Mistakes

DON’T PAY MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD Save enough for a down payment and resist the temptation to go to the edge of affordability. The more money you are able to put toward your down payment, the more equity you

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Home Inspection Standards

An interesting article recently in the Vancouver Sun has trumpeted a topic we have been talking about for years, namely home inspection standards. Or sadly, the lack of such standards across the country. As the article points out, there are

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Choosing the right home inspector

You’re looking for a home, and like most people your head is swimming with details and questions. How much will the mortgage be? Is the home in good shape? What issues will we be dealing with down the road? Likely

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